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For the developer creating or maintaining HTML or Flash web designs - we have created our online tutorials to advance your skills into ASP, PHP and JavaScript. Using standard web development practices we will intruct you in the ways of ecommerce web site development using mysql, XML, CSS and SQL Server.

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Advertising effectively on the net is FREE
By WDF Webmaster
Advertising effectively on the net is FREE by Christopher Kyalo That’s right. The most effective way of advertising your business on the net is FREE and mostly ignored.

Build relationships and watch your online profits soar
By WDF Webmaster
Build relationships and watch your online profits soar by Christopher Kyalo Success in any venture is all about creating a relationship with the prospective client/customer.

Understanding WSDL and UDDI
By WDF Webmaster
Understanding WSDL and UDDI by Balaji B Web Services Description Language (WSDL) is one of the prime specifications in web services, the other two being SOAP and UDDI.

Navision Customization and Reporting – tips for Programmer/IT Specialist
By WDF Webmaster
Navision Customization and Reporting – tips for Programmer/IT Specialist by Robert Horowitz Founded in 1984, Navision Software is a leading developer of innovative enterprise business management solutions.

Adware - Are Downloads Safe
By WDF Webmaster
Adware - Are Downloads Safe by S. Housley Adware, Should I be Afraid? Developers offering downloads are paying the price for the malformed truths that have been put forth regarding downloads.

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You will be providing ecommerce solutions quickly and easily combining HTML, CSS and Javascript to forge cutting edge DHTML and XML based website development. We will provide you with the resources and industry standard tools information you require to quickly and easily write java script, deploy your applications in Microsoft's new .NET technology - and even locate resources for free sql 2000 books.

Slacker HTML will prepare you for web page design using CSS and javascript in combination with server scripts such as ASP, PHP and SQL for incredibly powerful DHTML web development and ecommerce solutions. Understand the differences between browser or client-side scripts such as java script and other DHTML aspects versus server-side ecommerce solutions like .NET, ASP, PHP and SQL Server.

Some of the most powerful uses of javascript in web site design and web site development is controlling Flash movies within XML based pages. Flash movies can be simple clips, or entire web design sites. Begin your tour today, it's all here - right now, waiting for you.

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